Walnut – Lemon Cookies

I love those little metal storage or pretty jars that always contains some sweety or salty for snacks. To my mind a little storage with cookies could creat a hearth …


I’m Nelli, the girl behind the Be New You . This blog lies at the heart of everything I do. The focus is on healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and passion of cooking.

I was born in Hungary, in little village: in Kunhegyes. I grew up here and later in Budapest. I love to cook since I was a child. I started to cook early, at my age of ten. The most important tricks I’ve learned from my grandmothers who taught to me the tradiotional and old fashioned Hungarian cuisine.

I love to cook and make people happy with my cooking. I’m not a certificated chef, nor food photographer. Everything I know is from my family or leaned from cookbook and dietary books, that I’m collecting for ages.

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