I’m Nelli, the girl behind the Be New You. This blog lies at the heart of everything I do. The focus is on healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and passion of cooking.
I was born in Hungary, in little village: in Kunhegyes. I grew up here and later in Budapest, and I live now in Austria, Tyrol. I love to cook since I was a child. I started to cook very early, at my age of ten. The most important tricks I’ve learned from my grandmothers who taught to me the tradiotional and old fashioned Hungarian cuisine.
I love to cook and make people happy with my cooking. I’m not a certificated chef, nor food photographer. Everything I know is from my family or leaned from cookbook and dietary books, that I’m collecting for ages. I love Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, the way, the passion they’re cooking. Inspiring me Gennaro and Antonio, Sami Tamimi and Ariana Bundy as well.
I like the traditional hungarian food and other nation’s cuisines too. In my kitchen there are no strict rules. I’m lucky, because I haven’t got any food intolerances, so the list of the ingredients is maybe endless. My focus is always on healthy eating, good ingredients and best qualities. In my opinion the most important is; our meals must be healthy and variety.
I’m not a certified dietetian, but when I was an athlete I learnt a lot -through my own experiencies – about healthy eating.

And what is my philosophy?

Eat well and enjoy the food. Choose always the best ingredients, the best qualities.

What is on your plate must be always: fresh, healthy and deliscious. Throug my recipes I’d like to show you how can you creat your own healthy life!

Be fit! Be healthy! Be New You!