My name is Nelli, author of Be New You.

This blog is my digital cookbook, where I share my own recipe ideas, health-conscious tips, well-tried and favorite recipes, sometimes rethinking.

Who am I?

I was born in Kunhegyes, a small town in Hungary. I grew up here, partly in Budapest, and then settled in Austria in 2017.

I studied  Film Theory and Film History at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and worked in the media. I never wanted to be a cook, but I have been cooking since I was a little girl, and now my passion is gastronomy.

What motivated me?

The initial inspiration came from my grandparents in the countryside who had been walking around in the kitchen for as long as I could remember. The classic grandmothers, who kneaded beautiful cakes, made the dough at home for the soup, pickled it, cooked it, and really got everything from the garden to the table. I learned basic kitchen techniques and tricks from them. Later, as an adult, sports and a balanced diet motivated me to make healthier meals.

I like to cook and make others happy with my cooking. I grew up on the shows of Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, who are idols to follow to this day. I collect cookbooks, I love farmers markets, gastro fairs and Italian cuisine besides Hungarian.

Traditional Hungarian cuisine plays a major role in our family, which I like to follow, but I experiment with tastes of other nations, and so-called healthy reform cuisine.

What does healthy eating mean to me?

I don’t have strict rules in the kitchen. I do not have gluten or lactose intolerance. I do not follow a diet, but I do not use refined sugar, as less flour as possibel. I prefer high quality ingredients, foods that do not contain preservatives or additives.

Cooking is where I can learn something new every day, which is a joy and a relaxation for me, no matter how complicated the recipe is.

Nice to share all this with you!