My name is Nelli, the girl behind the Be New You. My page is about the healthy lifestyle and joy of cooking.

I was born in Hungary, in a little village, named: Kunhegyes. I grew up here and in Budapest as well, than in 2017 I moved to Tyrol.

I graduated in Arts of Phylosophie, Film Theory and Film History, and worked by a Gastro Channel for years, but once I changed and the Gastronomie became to my passion and carrier as well.

I love to cook since I was a child. Honestly the first soup I cooked was terrible! But I was very eager! First inspiration I got from my grandparents. They had a huge garden, full of veggies and fruit trees. I remember we picked up the fresh selleries to the soup.

Oficially I started to cook at 10, when I got a children cookbook from my Mom. Early years in my life I stood by my grandmas and watched how they do the home made pastas and patesseries. They tought to me the main tricks and tips.

I love to cook, made others happy with my cook. I’m not an certificated chef. Everything I know I learnt from my parents, grandparents and cookbooks. Yes, instead of shoes and bags I collect cookbooks and I am able to watch Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver or Rachel Khoo never ending.

I’m an hungarian, I adore the typicall hungarian food and spices. When I visit my Family, my Grandma cook to me chicken paprikas and chicken soup. Next to the hungarian kitchen I love the gastronomie of other nations, for example the french, italian and asian cuisines.

In my kitchen there aren’t strict rules. I have any intolerance thanks God! The most important for me is the quantity. Our meals must be verify and healthy. I always try to find the ballance. And yes I have an other passion: The Farmersmarkets. The best place where you can buy the good quantity ingredients are the Farmersmarkets. I love to walk between the fresh veggies, fruits, cheese and salamis. For me it is better, than a Wellness Weekend.

I’m not a certified dietatian, but during my athlete years I learned a lot about it, and continue to learning every day. I saw on my own body what is the difference between a diet and a balanced nourishing. When I’m looking for a new recipe, I discover not only a new favour but the positive vibes of the meal for our body.

I love to eat and enjoy the eating. I’m lucky, because I haven’t got any intolerance or allergy, but my focus is always on the good quantity. I would like to show you how can you cook healthy, easy and deliscious meals for your family and yourself. I’d like to show you the joy of eating and the joy of cooking too.

I hope you find a lot of help on my page! Have fun and thank you so much you visited here!