My name is Nelli, the girl behind the Be New You. My page is about the healthy lifestyle and joy of cooking.

I was born in Hungary, in a little village, named: Kunhegyes. But I grew up in Budapest, till I decided to move to Tyrol.

I graduated in Arts of Phylosophie, Film Theory and Film History, and worked by a Gastro Channel for years. I wanted to be a journalist, but I felt in love with the marketing and meantime Gastronomy became my passion. One time I found out theese THREE will be my carrier.

I love to cook since I was a child. I was about 7 years old when I cooked my first soup. I do not remember but I’m sure it must had terrible! But I was very eager! First inspiration I got from my grandparents. They had a huge garden, full of veggies and fruit trees. We picked up the fresh selleries to the soup, fruits from the trees and sitting in the garden and enjoying the flavours … I had a good childhood.

Oficially ( if I can say that …) I started to cook at 10, when I got a children cookbook from my Mom. Early years in my life I stood by my grandmas and watched how they do the home made pastas and patesseries. They tought to me the main tricks and tips.

I love to cook, made others happy with my cook. I’m not an certificated chef. I’ve never learned gastronomy or cooking in a school. Everything I know I learnt from my parents, grandparents and cookbooks. I thought myself to styling and to take photos of my food.

I did read a lot of books about Dietary but I enjoyed more to reading cookbooks, after than taking photos of my food… So I didn’t became a certified Dietatian.

I enjoy to cook and I love to enjoy the food. And if the food is healthy as well it is a win win situation!  I haven’t got any intolerance thanks God! I can eat everything what I desire. The most important for me is the quantity. Our meals must be verify and healthy, we need to find just simply the balance.  I choose always the best quantity, if I have chance I shop always at farmers markets.

I hope you find a lot of joy, yummy recipes and help on my page! Have fun and thank you so much you visited here!