Have you ever wonder why works some food for your best friend or your mother buti t doesn’t work for you. You and your best friend are on the same diet. She lose easily weight but you do not! There are some food that makes you more energized, that makes your sister more tired!

The secret is in the metabolic typing diet! Carbs proteins and fats work in different way for the people. The quantity of the macronutrients, the different type of foods make some of us more fatty, some of us more thinner. You may know and tried some diets. Some of them worked for you easily some of them was terrible. It’s because we are different. As we have different properties our digest system, nervous system react in different way to the nutrients.

When you’d like to choose the most comfortable diet for yourself you have the analyse your body system! Some nutritionist last few years started to work with a new perspective. Actually it’s not a new discover, people now about it since ages. Typing people as their metabolic system was elaborated by William L. Wolcott. Although the fact that people have different metabolic system come from ajurveda, from India hundreds years ago.

The substance of this method is, that our eating behavior affects to our digest system, just like our nervous and hormone system. These system of our body try to find the balance all the time, that we can support or prevent with the nuture.


Everybody needs macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber as well. But not everybody in the same proportion. The necessity of the proportion is up to our genes. It is only one point of view. When we try to describe the best diet we look into:

The digest system: fast, slow, or balanced.

The dominant of the nervous system: parasympathetic or sympathetic

Which is the strongest hormone system: Piuritary, Thyroid, Adrenal, Gonadal

What is the Blood Type?

Researches has already discoverd 72 different types of methabolic system!

Would you like to know your own methabolic type? Fill the TEST, and you will get soon the answer!

If you’d like to get your personalized diet ask it here!

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