Yesterday I was almost died to eat some italian food. In hot weather I usually desire to eat pasta. How can be healthy the meatballs. It can be so, that you add oatmeal instead of bread. Yea, oatmeal isn’t gluten-free – but it’s already stored gluten-free version as well – but if you haven’t got intolerance you feel free to chose the oatmeal! 

DSC 0045 bolognai gomboc web


500g minced meat
1 egg
2 cup oatmeal
250ml tomato sauce
5 clove garlic 
salt, pepper, parsley, oliveoil, basil


Take a huge bowl and mix meat, egg, oatmeal and two grated garlic together. Add spices and some basil than rest the meat in to the fridge for some minutes. 

Heat some oliveoil in a medium sauce pan and add rest of the grated garlic. Add tomato sauce. Sprinkle it with salt, pepper, parsley and basil. Pour it with 2 cups of water then bring it to boiling.

When it starts to boiling remove it from the oven. 

Roll little balls from the meat and put them to a baking form. Pour it with the tomato sauce and add some cheese. (I used bluecheese and trappist.) 

Bake the bolognese balls in a pre-heated oven on 200° C for 50 mins. After 50 mins add more grated trappist and go on the baking for 10-15 more mins. 

DSC 0079 bolognai gomboc web

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