When I was little child we made always coconut balls, it doesn’t matter what kind of festive did we celebrate. Of course we made many type of cakes and cookies but the most favourite was the coconut balls. The olds cool version require minced cookies, milk, butter, cocoa powder and sugar. 

For Christmas I desired some coconut balls but I changed some ingredients. Okey it tastes not like the original one. But it looks like … and it is really creamy, really deliscious and I wanted to use everything rest from my fridge! 😀 



1 pcs ripe banana

zest of one lemon

juice of a 1/2 pcs of lemon

1 cup coconutflour 

3 tbs mascarpone

Some shredded coconut

Fotó: http://www.pureandpastel.com

Crush the banana with a fork and add all of the ingredients. With a help of a small spoon or simply just with your hand meg a rough dough and rest it in the fridge for 30mins.

Roll little tiny balls and cover them with shredded coconut. I added some sprinkle powder to the shredded coconut to make my coconut balls more festive! 🙂

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