We hear it enough, that the shredded abs starts in the kitchen. It didn’t changed, it’s still true! People do abs workouts like a never ending story, but there are no sense. Yea, you should do abs workouts but you have only one spine! Try to reach your dream abs from while you taking care of your spine!

Nowadays we use to have a bad posture, lifting things (heavy or not) in a wrong way. That’s why so important to do abs workouts in perfect method!

I don’t how does it with you, but when I was a school girl we had to do fully sit-ups on sport. Yea it works very well for the stomach muscles but kills your spine! And not only in your lumbar but in your neck as well. 





Don’t do these things:

  • fully sit-ups
  • abs in cable crunch
  • hips rises
  • crunches on maschine with weights


What can you do to build nice abs and save the health of your spine:

  • crunches– if you haven’t got pains in your spine feel free to get some weights in your hands, but take care to your neck

  • cross crunches
  • plank – it is the best exercise, it trains your full body. But bare in mind to hold up your hips!  In other way this movement will also kill your lumbar.
  • cycling crunches  

Do abs exercises every time at the end of your training, mix 2 or 3 types of workouts. Take are of your spine and focus on the healthy eating!

If you have some question or need help to plan your diet do not hesitate to contact me! 😉

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