I just actually don’t know why don’t made I more offen figs bruschetta. Because it’s so easy, cheap and delicious … I’m full with about two slices!


1 whole baguette
½ package dried figs
camambert cheese
oliv oil
freshly grounded pepper
pistachio (non salted)


Cut the baguette to one inch slieces and put into a toast maker or in the oven.

Chop the dried figgs into thiny slices and add to a frying pan. Roast it until the figs turn to golden brown. Remove the fruits from the pan and add the pistachio. Once the pistachio turns to golden brown remove from the frying pan.

Pour the baguettes with olive oil, add the figs and camambert, finally top with pistachio and season with freshly grounded pepper.


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