It doesn’t matter we talk about losing or putting up weights. Get the proper shape is 80% up to the nutrition and only 20% to the training.

They said great differences, and in the internet you find million versions of diets. It’s easy to get lost! What do I say? Eat proper and follow the messages of your body!

1. Eat five times a day. It’s up to your daily routine but eat in every 2,5 or 3 hours. If you’d like to lose weights eat until you reach the satiety. If you’d like to put on some weights eat over the satiety.

2. Your meals needs to be rich in fiber, proteins and carbs. Try to choose law or semi-law so-called good carbs.

3. Take in the 30% of your daily nutriontin in the morning. The breakfast must be rich in fiber and proteins. Elevenses and afternoon tea can be only 15% of the daily meal. The lunch should be also rich in carbs, proteins just like your breakfast. But for dinner reduce your meal untill 10%.

4. Do not avoid fats. Your body needs for it because the absorption of some vitamins, like Vitamin D, K, A, E. Not mentiond that your body store its enegery reserves in the fat tissues.

Eating proper won’t be easy at first. But give time to yourself to feel comfortable the new eating habit. Plan your daily meal for one or two days, just like your weekly shopping!

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