I think baking gingerbread is the funniest thing during the Christmas time. As you already know I like to change the old recipes and creat something new, but meanwhile save the originity too.

This time I added the gingerbread flavour to my cheese cake! Hurray! 

Fotó: http://www.pureandpastel.com


1 1/2 cup oatmeal flakes

250gr chestnut puree

1 tbs peanut butter

2-3 tbs eritrytol

Cheesecream (I used Philadelphia but mascarpone works as well)

250rg mascarpone

2 white of eggs

3 tsp gingerbread season mixture

Fotó: http://www.pureandpastel.com


Take a big bowl and add the oatmeal flakes, the chestnut puree and mix it together. Take a cake form and cover the bottom with the oatmeal mixture. 

Beat the egg whites and in a different bowl mix the creamcheese together with the seasons. Very very gently mix the the cream together and pour the top of your cake.

Fotó: http://www.pureandpastel.com

Lay the cake in the fridge for some hours or whole night! This cheesecake will look good as a cupcake as well. In this case the method will be the same just pour the ingredients in a pretty glass instead of a cake form.

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