No, it’s not kind of flour you can make cakes or cookies with. You can add it to your flour mixture, but you can’t substitute it with grapeseed flour. Having to much from grapeseed flour is not offered. Look at these products like a good fiber source.

I use to add it to my yoghurt, oatmeal or sprinkle my fruits. The daily offered intake is 1 tsp.

Why is it good for us? It reduces the hunger, it is rich in Vitamins like A, C and E, good source of Q10 and selenium.

Nutrient contains in 100gramms product:

 Energy  234 kcal
 Fat  8g
 saturated fat  5,6g
 Carbohydrates  21g
 sugar  0,01g
 Proteins  12g
 Rost  64,3g
 Salt  <5g
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