… or replacement of the cocoa. It is not a well known product yet. Leastwise people usually stare at me so funny if I’m talking about it. Karob is an ancient plant. Karob powder is produced from the locust tree.

Why is it good for us? Because it is coffein free, gluten and lactose free, it is very pour in fat and natrium.

People with lactose or gluten intolerances, or someone how has cocoa allergy, women how expecting or feeding babies.

Karob works in the same way like the cocoa powder. Feel free to use it in cakes, creams, milks and puddings.

In 100g products:

 Energy 303 kcal
Fat  4g
 saturated fat 1g
 Carbohydrates 39,2g
 sugar  25,5g
 Fiber  44,5g
 Proteins  5,2g
 Salt  0,02g
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