The human is the only one mammal who drink milk in adulthood. But only 35% of the people able to digest the lactase enzyme after its childhood. Those who’s body can’t produce lactase enzyme they can’t digest the milk, the bacteria in their colon try to solve the digestion but it cause in their body distenition, stomach ache and other digestion problems.

Milk and other diary products are good source of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E, but this quality is not enough for us. A cup of milk won’t support our daily vitamin and minerals need. 2 ml of milk contains 240 mg calcium. But not all of the milk. If you check some products in the supermarkets you will realize most of them are really poor in vitamins and minerals. And it doesn’t matter how farmers grow the cow. Is the cow living outside, spend lot of time on the sun and eating fresh grass or is he closed in a dark factory.

If are lucky one and have no lactose intolerance feel free to have diary products but stay moderated. Add milk to your coffe or tea but don’t try to protect with dairy products the daily vitamin need.

We don’t have to avoid the dairy products just try to choose premium quantity or bio organic one or sometimes diverse your diary intakes with vegetable milk products.

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