There’s an other amazing farmers market in Vienne, the Nashmarkt. People find here good restaurants, beautiful fruits and veggies that you see only on international bloggers’ pages and at the and of the farmers market pop up a flea market.


I’ve never been here before but they say it changed a lot. You can’t seeing smoothly the sellers from Turkey or the Arabic area are really randy. They force you to try their products that they present in their own hands or knives!


But there are lot of beautiful spices you can’t see the end of the rows. Many of them was absolutely new for me, I’ve never heard about it before and I had no idea how could I use them!

I saw many pretty tropic fruits. I tasted the cactus fig and dragon fruits but they have any tastes tell the truth. Take care with the cactus fig, while I tried to peel it I got some prickle in my fingers!


They sell pickled cucumber as well, if you love the hungarian or middle european specialities …. 🙂

I had a chance to drunk coconut water from coconut! It was fantastic! I love it! But it was a huge portion so I had to ask some help to finish it! 😀

If you spend some time in Vienna and don’t bother you the randy sellers it absolutely worth to check this place! You shouldn’t miss it!

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