If you live in Eastern-Europ, or you’ve ever been there, you probably know the jelly christmas candy. We named it in Hungary “zselés szaloncukor”. Yea, I know, to spelling it really hard! 😀

The smell of the orange and the flavour of the dark chocolate bring me always into a Christmas spirit.

If you would like to sprinkle your cake with an extra flavour, add some rum or rum extract! It’s gonna be amazing!

Ingredients I.:

220g oatmeal flour
2tk sodium bicarbonate
a pinch of salt
60gr cocoa powder (no added sugar)
½ pcs darkchocolate
1 pcs orange

Ingredients II.:

375ml hot water
2 tbs coconutoil
2 tbs honey
3 tbs cocoa powder (no added sugar)
¼ cup of apple vinegar


Chop one of the half chocolate to fine pieces and mix together with all of the dried ingredients. Add the grated orange peel and the juice of the orange.

Take an other big bowl. In this bowl mix together the hot water and the coconut oil, add the honey, the vinegar and the other half of chocolate.

Next step to make together the dried and the liqued mixture. Prepare a baking sheet with baking paper and bake your cake on 180 °C till 15-20 minutes.

It’s better to leave rest the cake for 30 mins. After that you can pour it with chocolate sauce. I decorated it with sparkling powder, but would be a great idea to sprinkle it with chopped nuts.

Chocolate sauce


60ml water
55gr coconutoil
50gr eritrytol
½ pcs of darkchocolate
3 tbs cocoa power
grated peel of 1 pcs orange

Take a pot and heat the water. Once it started to boiling remove from the oven and add first the coocnut oil, than the other ingredients. Leave the choco cream a little bit cool down after than you can pour it on to your cake.

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