I changed oats to riceflakes. Not forever but currently. People use to ask me isn’t boring eat alway oatmeal? Next time I could answer: NO! Sometimes I eat riceflakes!

What is the different between the two products? Actually it’s up to how do you flavour it. I don’t feel nothing special tastes between the two flakes. Riceflakes works very well cooking in water, or milk, add to your yoghurt … in cold on hot version as well. You can mix it with protein powder or fruits and nuts. What you desire!

The difference is in the nutrients. Riceflakes are will works better for a carbs type, because in 100mg flakes contains 74 g carbohydrates, but it’s more poor in fat and proteins.

A protein type person would better to do to choose oatmeal because it is more rich in fats and proteins, its carbohydrates is only 56 gramms.

 Nutrients in 100gramms product:

 Energy  350 kcal
 Fat  2g
 saturated fat  1g
 Carbohydrates 74g
sugar 1g
 Protein 8g
 Salt 0,025g


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