Last weekend I visited to Vienna. Not first time, I was there two times but I always just visited the Christmas Market that I really love it! Now I had the greatest guide and get to know more deeply the city. Yea I went for a sightseeing but the focus was on the gastronomy.

Vienna has amazing farmers markets, vegan cafés, but I tasted the traditional lunch and visited the Rathausplatz where I was so lucky to enjoy a Streetfood Festival.


Brunnengasse, 1160 Wien, Ausztria

On Saturday once waking up we went to the Brunnenmarkt. You know I love the markets! There were everything beautiful, fresh and bio! Sellers are from all of the world and it makes the markets more facinaiting.

Brunnenmarkt 14

At the grocery I could buy choped pistaccio and rose petals. Since I watched Ariana Bundy’s series I’d like to buy and decorating my cakes with them.

The next thing that was magical for me is the tandori oven. I watched a movie some years ago about an indain kitchen. They used tandori oven and since than I’d like to see it in real life and taste the brot from it. I saw it now. And I tasted it as well. We ate it in simply versin but as I know best in India they use to serve it in filled version.

tandori brot

Freiraum Deli – Mariahilfestrasse
They sell vegan cakes and cookies, raw vegan eiscreams, yoghurts and vegan sandwiches. We choosed this café because of the beautiful vegan eiscreams but finally we decided to taste better cakes. We did not regret it! The cakes were soooo yummmyyy!

It is an old and well known restaurant in Vienne. It has three places in the city. Don’t worry about the dress code, the tourist style is absolutely accepted here!

I tasted a traditional menu: Tapfelspitz (beef soup) and Viennese wind. Do not miss it!

The soup has been served with thiny sliced pancake. They eat the beef with two different sauces (flavoured with apple – horse-radish and the other with chives) and fried potatoes. One portion of soup is enough for 2 or 3 person! They serve in a middle sized bowl.

We couldn’t say now for the dessert so ordered „mohr im hemd”. Looks so pretty and it is so creamy and delicious!


I offer the program for those who visit to Vienna till 3th of September. There is running now a Film and Streetfood festival. We didn’t know it and went to the Rathausplatz after having a big lunch in Plachutta. We were full, we could taste nothing just starimg our eyes on the food! There are lot cuisines from all over the world! If you have time don’t miss this program!


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