You may realized that different period of the day you are more or less energized. There are some people who are more energetic early in the morning or someone is more late at night. It’s up to our dominant hormone type like the type of the foods that are proper or bad for us!

Here’s some tips that can help you to choose the best daily period for the training:

If you are thyroid type: mid day you use to be tired, not rare that you wake up enervated. You do the best if start your day with a workout …from late afternoon you’ll be able to do nothing, nor walking in the park!

Gonad type can train mornings, but better at evenings or late afternoon. By contrast adrenal type is energized during the day. They should doing sport during the day if it’s possible or in the mornings but not evenings.

Who is really energetic mornings is the pituitary type. They use to go for running extremly early in the morning, they are the first arrivals at the gym.

Summarized: not just eat right for your body type but do workout as well.


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